Many politicians, pundits and people are still scratching their head wondering about the surprising outcome of presidential election 2017. The surprising outcome is really how a so called political novice like Mr. Donald Trump emerged winner, a billionaire, real estate magnet who many never really gave any chance. But yet he not only crushed his primary opponents about sixteen of them.

For me personally, I initially thought Jeb Bush will emerge the Republican candidate and Hilary Clinton for Democrats, so as to have a contest of two very powerful political family. Boy, was I wrong. Jeb was vanquished before we knew it by Mr. Trump. Remember his caricature of Mr. Bush ‘low energy’ also Marco Rubio another promising young emerging Republican was similarly vanquished by Trump. The same faith awaited the likes of Ted Cruz, Cris Cristy and John Carson.

So the question is how was Mr. Trump able to mow down opponents of his Republican primary peers and Hilary Clinton in the November general election? What ideological bent was he cut from, what is it that actually propelled him to surprising success we witnessed in his race? Did his opponents self-destruct or had not enough locus standi to fight the political fight. But as you know, it’s always advised and suggested that in politics if you cannot stand the heat you should get off the kitchen.

My guess quite simply is that folks from the onset never really gave Mr. Trump a fighting chance. To these group, he is simply a rich guy, billionaire real estate magnet clowning or clamoring for attention and never really gave him a chance. Essentially, Mr. Trump from pollsters to pundits, nobody really gave him a chance. But meanwhile, being a master business savvy and strategist he plotted his part to victory. But in the words of the great Robert Deniro in one of his movie role, “Whoever is left standing …that is how we know who won”. Trump trounced his opponents and opposition.

Mr. Donald Trump is not your typical politician who looks to pollsters to direct his every move. He may actually be a crossover between a maverick and bleeding heart conservative blended with American Exceptionalism with some infusion of Christian belief or doctrinaire. Some may call him a pragmatist who sees a problem and thinks solution in his head and would push the solution until you agree with him. The man has very strong personality and thick skin. What you see is what you get and does not really bend and acquiesce like other politicians or peers.

Americans and indeed the rest of the world should get used to his new brand of politics called “Trumpism” a phrase attributed to Newt Gingrich. One of the smartest and savvy political leaders to pass through United States Congress and was during his time the Speaker of the House. Some may describe President Trump as ‘egotistical’ but he remains true to who he is and will always remain. There is a saying ‘By their fruits we know them. So are you surprised that what you see is what you get?

Pointless going into why Democratic Party got trounced because depending on who you speak with, everyone has their version of facts. Some will blame the anointed candidate Hilary Clinton, others blame self-styled progressive Senator Bernie Sanders for putting up a gallant fight and never surrendered to calls he quit the race before he messes up the chance of defeating the Republican candidate. Some attribute loss by Democrats to the African American voters who became complacent and probably stayed home since they don’t really see ‘Hope and Change’ in Hilary Clinton. Black president Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012 with astonishing margin of victories.

Meanwhile in the heartland of America, Mr. Trump was incubating his secret weapon of voters. According post-election analysis, White women voted 53 percent for Trump. Catholic Democrats also swung to Trump as he preached his anti-Muslim message panic and securing America against “those who want to hurt us”. NYT reported that in areas where Trump won by 70 percent of vote, the number of vote there rose some 2.9percent against those cast in 2012 election. That is some shift in demography.

Unfortunately, election is like a beauty contest, whoever inspires and moves people often wins. So if the Democrats failed the reason is not only what Trump did. There must be a soul searching to be done by the vanquished to get to the root cost of any demise. But one thing is clear as night and day. That thing is that Mr. Trump as President of United States has immediately began to put his feet down and cement his position as he charts a conservative part for America called Trumpism.

Dr. George Onuorah Publisher is an author, graduate of Political Science from York College (CUNY)