Politics in New York will never be the same again. Few months ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a.k.a AOC shocked the political world with her stunning defeat of congressman and Democratic Queens County boss Joseph Crowley. Everybody thought his defeat was an aberration. Well, i can tell now that it’s not. Bernie Sanders presidential run in 2016 fired up the new generation of young Americans to get more actively involved in partisan politics and fired up they did.

Last night again, we’re seeing the same the awakening of the millennials who it appears has once again propelled Tiffany Caban to victory in Queens DA contest. By no means a small achievement in a county with not less than 2.3 million residents. What we’re seeing is a completely new phenomenon in our electoral politics and eventual doomsday awaiting county political machines in the Big Apple.

Pivot to last night, the Queens County Democratic machine may have suffered her worst devastating victory with Tiffany Caban all but certified winner of Queens DA race to succeed and fill vacancy created by the death of Judge Richard Brown.

Congrats to this new political alliance incubating as millennials rise to assume the mantle of political leadership as the tired old and beat down political machine on life support must immediately begin to find best way to stem this tide, for no lame -duck politician is safe ever safe again in their current offices.

This tide of new political alliance is seen with the surprising endorsement of Caban by Democratic Party presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren and Bernie sanders, each of course wants to win New York in upcoming Democratic Party primary. No wonder their declared support for young insurgent attorney defender Caban drew immediate rebuke by Queens County Leader Hon. Gregory Meeks. An astute politician like Mr. Meeks knows very well that combined support from national politicians may tilt the election in Caban’s favors.

As newly minted Queens County Leader, Mr. Meeks must start now to formulate an action plan to rescue an old tired political machine from even more humiliation defeat in months to come from the surge of young fire-in the belly progressives tired of politics as usual and the ‘deal making by political bosses’. The Cabans and AOC in the progressive movement will not rest until their goal of enthroning a ‘new political order’ is complete. Already, in congress and outside congress, even the likes of Nancy Pelosi have acknowledged the star power of AOC and doing their best to manage her. If you know anything, you really want to keep your enemy closer to you, that way you can monitor and manage whatever contingencies that emanates.

So my friends, time to brace yourselves and fasten your seat belt, for the ‘Era of Real Politics’ is upon us and bumps and bruises on the road. For the political machines, ‘Be Prepared’ as the Boy Scouts says because these young, energetic and born-to-win progressives are really fired up.


Dr. George Onuorah

Publisher Editorial

Email: [email protected]