By: Dr. George Onuorah

William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar said the following about death –“Death, a necessary end, will come when it will come”.


Senator John McCain probably assured of political immortality in the hearts and minds of many Americans succumbed to life inevitability Shakespeare alluded to above, yet embraced his painful ordeal of captivity in Vietnam saw sunset Saturday, August 25 in his home state of Arizona.


The news of Senator John McCain (Republican – AZ) passing at 81 felt like political earthquake of a high magnitude. Arguably, McCain was one of the most intense and passionate leader in the United States senate where he served honorably for the better part of three decades. He was considered a locus-standi amongst his peers. He valued party over politics coupled with his strength of character makes him a very honorable leader.


His integrity is defined by his political collegiality and cooperative politics, a man who have no qualms crossing the aisle to work with opponents and possessing the same level of passion like his late colleague, the renowned Senator Edward Ted Kennedy. Mr. McCain’s greatness will no doubt be chronicled in the anal of American politics and assures him immortality in the memory of next generation Americans. A man that does not mince words and yet will be the first to offer an olive branch as truce, endears him to adversaries who love to see a man whose strength of conviction is second to none. McCain ideological credo embraces the American exceptionalism as a patriot that he is, with hope instead of acrimony.

Senator McCain an American veteran and hero, knows how to fights hard, survived enemy interrogation, capture and torture. Only very few have survived his type of ordeals and lived to tell their story. The fact he succumbed to brain cancer was only a testament to the inevitability of death ‘a necessary end as William Shakespeare admonished us in Julius Caesar.

Till the end John McCain stayed strong and fought gallantly to survive his ordeal of brain cancer. In the end, even his toughness, tested in the battle field of Vietnam and halls of the Capitol Building was not enough, this American icon, a maverick, who is tenacious, a hero with unbelievable courage and political sagacity won hearts for his valor in battle and courage in congress. Death has robbed America of one of her pillar in Congress, his “passion is second to none”. No matter which vantage point you look at it, John McCain left a big void or vacuum and a big shoe to fill even at the Arm Services Committee where he was chairman.


Our World Media magazine extends our heartfelt condolences to the McCain family and for the Almighty Father to grant them fortitude to bear his irreparable loss.