One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors

– Plato

By joining the race at this critical juncture, his entrance certainly scrambles a race already in a state of disequilibrium stemming from procrastination with centrists and progressive factions unwilling to come together for a united front against an entrenched incumbent Trump.

However, my postulation is that with an estimated net worth of reportedly $57.1 billion as of Feb. 2019, being the one of the richest in US and ranked 14th wealthiest in the world, donated a whopping $1.8 billion to John Hopkins University last year and being the Co-Founder and CEO of Bloomberg LP – without a shadow of a doubt stands the chance of clinching a win in this Democratic race. He sure can because he will outspend his competitors and with his resolve to effectuate change in the polity he will not equivocate to use his fortune to bring sanity to politics in America.

Bloomberg comes into the race with enviable political gravitas, solid experience as a leader with high political and business acumen buttressed by taking New York City to a better place financially post 911 Terror Attacks on American soil, a proven businessman, a seasoned political figure, author and philanthropist. Besides, Americans will surely welcome a leader with kind heart and compassion under present climate. And Bloomberg embodies all of the change one would love to see.

Unfortunately, for all the other Democratic candidates his entrance in the race becomes their peril. As the novelty of his entrance causes the media to salivate one can argue the fortunate his peers will surely plummet. Over the last six months or so, none of the candidates seeking to dethrone incumbent Trump has caught fire so who would blame the electorates for clamoring for their “Knight In Shining Armor” which is what Mike Bloomberg emergence signals.

Yours truly first met Michael Bloomberg after he was sworn-In outside the freezing cold in 2001 within the confines of the City Hall Cottage. Recall running as Republican he defeated Democrat Mark J. Green following the unfortunate events of September 11. I was among the first 20 invited guests to “Congratulate” newly minted mayor who succeeded out-going mayor Giuliani. He was exuding confidence, calm demeanor and as we come to find out through his tenure remained a man of honor, high political acumen and integrity. As the 108 mayor of NYC has gone down in history as one of the finest mayor in her history.

Now he has painstakingly decided to venture into Democratic presidential race, should he win history will judge him with new set of standards and yardsticks. My humble opinion is that Americans no doubt will like to see a match-up of two billionaires who once socialized but now on opposite divides both by ideology and ideas. Bloomberg fights for climate change (Paris Agreement) and Trump is on the opposite side of his political belief.

Slice it however you want it, a preponderance of American voters will love to see Trump Vs Bloomberg match up in 2020. Surely will be a very interesting political fight for the history books. Imagine two billionaires fighting for what they believe.

Dr. George Onuorah
Author -The Political Diary of A Rising Son