Our World Media (OWM) online news magazine came into fruition to satisfy the yearning of many who are sick and tired with the bias, sensationalism and politics in present day news reporting.

All things being equal, our goal in this endeavor is to help sanitize the news industry to the extent that we are able to. To our very dedicated young and talented news team, news should contain facts not fiction. News should be reported to educate, enlighten and also inform. Today, with the advent of social media and information saturation, news as we have come to know it has been watered down if you ask me. Details are sacrificed for superficiality. Unless we reverse this trend now, news as we used to know it will be a thing of the past. So our team came up with the prescription and solution to cure the malady of bias, adulteration and superficiality. Our World Media wants to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. We will not be found wanting or want to be associated with others yellow journalism.

OWM demographics and audience remain our community and country. With the world community so much inter-connected with the rapid advances our society has made and add the impact of social media, you find that our world is very much global.

OWM online news magazine will reverse the anomaly and unpleasant characterization that is becoming the order of today. We will help build back and bring back the prestige in news. News that made sense that will point out the facts instead of the fabrications.

We will bring you the latest updates in business, current affairs, politics, health, entertainment, fashion and sports. For instance, in “Profile and Courage” will bring you write-ups on the life history of men like late Nelson Mandela and Pope Emeritus Pope Francis, both are very important and transformational figures that touched millions of lives by their exemplary lives and legacy. In the late Nelson Mandela, you have a political icon, trailblazer who despite challenges of oppressive racist society rose to give hope to his people and went from jail to lead a more united and inclusive South Africa that became a model for other nations in Africa and the world. The late Nelson Mandela will go down in the annals of history not only as a patriot but a great political hero of the 21st Century. Pope Francis on the other hand has in his own way changed and re-shaped the papacy by his propensity for humility. Those afore-mentioned two individuals are only but a few shining examples of high profile personalities we will shine the light on. Our World Media have assembled a young, savvy and very talented team of reporters and experts throughout the globe to help feed your insatiable appetite for news that will help nurture you.

As we strive to bring you the best news of the day, of the week, of the month and of the year. We want to also assure you that we will continue to strive to build and improve to meet your need for best news. Rome was not built in a day and as such like everything else we remain work in progress and plan to get there with your help and support.

Thank you kindly for being our most loyal supporter and please continue to cheer us on. We will not disappoint you.