Written by: George Onuorah

Pauline swift Our World Media Magazine Entertainment Editor and Special Correspondent caught up with Judge Buggs immediately after she was sworn-in where she held refreshment celebration for many who witnessed the momentous event.

Induction was held inside a court room at the Queens Civil Court located at 89–17 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica NY.

In attendance were judges, attorneys, political leaders such Hon. Leroy Comrie, New York City Council Member Daneek Miller, Friends and Family, some familiar faces from the Guy R. Brewer Democratic Club, and still more from inside and outside her community. The Master of Ceremony was none other than Judge Cheree Buggs brother who is a renowned Radio Personality Fred Buggs.

During the induction, The Oath of Office was by Hon. Patricia Polson Scatterfield. Retired justice of the Supreme Court. Cheree will serve 14 year terms on the State Supreme Court in Queens. The Honor Guard performed and singing of the National Anthem.

Cheree graduated with a B.A. degree from New York University in 1983 and J.D. from Temple University in 1986.

Admitted to the Bar U.S District Court for the Eastern District of NY 2008.

U.S Supreme Court 2000

New York State Appellate Division, 2nd Department 1987

Pauline Swift — What made her choose law as vocation?

Judge Buggs -I definitely thought I would. As a teenager Judge Buggs stated from young age she really wanted to be a lawyer because she had good verbal skills, excelled at making arguments, fancied herself as a feminist and never really wanted a “traditional female” vocation such as teaching. She stated she was mainly attracted to what she perceived as a male-oriented profession law appealed to her.

Pauline Swift- Asked about how she was able to balance her robust professional career as a Judge and raising daughter Cydnee?

Her candid response was telling and goes to show the humility of Judge Buggs, one of the reasons those who know her admire and appreciate her simplicity, down-to-earth personality and high moral compass. In her words, “It’s always a challenge to strike a balance, I would imagine it’s like that for most women.” She went on “My major goal is to raise a well- balanced child. A well balanced adult. She (Cydnee) is three and will be four. Nothing greater to raise a well -balanced child that will become a productive member of society.”

Pauline Swift on what type of advice for any young woman who want to be a lawyer?

According to Judge Buggs, Cheree being one who believes in cutting through the chase stated and suggested the following “Be serious about your goals. Try and find role models and mentors to give you the guidance you need.

Pauline Swift following up with the question — Do you mentor young people in your community? As expected Judge Cheree Buggs answer was “As many as I can”. It’s all about giving back. Trying to assist other people to get where you’ve gone.”

Pauline Swift — What do you want your legacy to be? In Judge Buggs characteristic simplistic humble fashion, she stated how she wants her legacy to be about someone who gave of herself. Worked hard for the community. As a judge, she wants to be seen as a person who tried to be fair and balanced with judicial temperament. As somebody who fancied herself as a servant more than anything else. Somebody who look to serve the public.

Congratulations to Judge Cheree A. Buggs!