This midterm elections figures to be one of the most consequential in the history of our democracy. The outcome from Tuesday Nov. 6th voting will therefore be monumental. So my best advice is don’t forget to cast your ballot.

For Democrats who have not fully recovered from their 2016 presidential election loss or dethronement, vengeance can be to retake the House of Representatives to be able to have some check and balance on President Trump who has a blank check and controls Congress, United States senate and House of Representatives with impunity.

The purpose of this editorial review is not punditry or to prognosticate about the outcome of Tuesday’s vote. However, one cannot but notice a feeling of overconfidence on the part of Democrats and pundits bullish and overly confident about taking over the House of Representatives. My political forecast is everything remain too close to call. Democrats will be greatly energized in advance of 2020 Presidential election if Stacy Abrams wins her governorship election quest in Georgia, Andrew Gillum in Florida and Ben Jealous in Maryland.

My daughter who is currently in college out of state and a first time voter for that matter heard me stressing the importance of casting ones ballot during elections especially this particular one. To encourage her, i took the pains to help her secure absentee ballot from the Board of Elections, so that even while far away in college she must vote. That is one reason that i will continue to suggest and support the inclusion of civic curriculum in our academic institutions. We must shy away from educating the young about voting and their impact on communities. It’s not enough to pay lip service to the fact we live in a pluralistic democracy and yet not event fifty percent of the electorates partake in the most crucial service of casting ballot to choose our leaders and still we complain when the wrong politicians are swept into office.

Now if you are a candidate and running for office or have your name on the ballot, continue to campaign until the last minute. A day in politics should not be wasted ONLY on social media except if you have lots of money, my candid counsel is immerse yourself in not just pressing the flesh with voters in your constituency, but assemble an army of volunteers and supporters to embark on door knocking, meeting voters, in essence do all you can to mobilize your support base. If you are hungry for victory it pays not to be complacent or indifferent to what is happening behind the scene or any nonchalant attitude will be to your peril. A word is enough for the wise.

In politics they say, if you can’t stand the heat you get the hell out of the kitchen. And if you want to command you should command by giving it your all. Tuesday is almost here and you will have time to celebrate when the polls close and the results are coming in and in your favor. For now, work very hard to vanquish the competition. For some of you candidates the opera is not over until the proverbial fat lady sings.

In the final analysis, the outcome of this 2018 midterm will determine depending how successful many of the women candidates who are running on the platform of the Democratic Party perform. A good showing may give impetus to Democrat fielding a female presidential candidate and who knows, it may be a rematch of 2016 all over again. But for now, only time will tell before the media begins to salivate.

Dr. George Onuorah – Publisher Our World Media