As a dedicated father of five, he faced a daunting challenge when his two youngest sons were diagnosed with severe autism. With the boys exhibiting nonverbal behavior, no eye contact, unresponsiveness to their names, and frequent tantrums, he refused to accept the limitations set forth by medical and educational professionals. Embarking on a path of unyielding research and application, he spent four years implementing innovative strategies, leading to significant improvements in his sons’ verbal and cognitive abilities and elevating their developmental status from severe to moderate and high-functioning.

His commitment extended beyond fostering his sons’ independence; it was also about sustaining the mental and emotional strength of his wife and other children amidst these trying times. Identifying a point where many parents felt defeated, he established “I Am DAD” (I Am Defeating Autism Daily). This initiative stands as a pillar of hope and support, offering parents the necessary tools and guidance to champion their children’s independence and growth in the face of autism.

Through “I Am DAD,” he continues his mission, transforming despair into determination, and enabling families to unlock their children’s potential, opening doors to a future filled with possibilities.