Jemille Grossett-Isaac, a 21-year retired Marine Master Sergeant, has served on combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as supporting Military operations in South America, Europe , Africa, and Australia to name a few. A native of Queens, New York, he joined the military in 2003 at the young age of 19. He served as an operations specialist, and a Martial Arts Instructor Trainer for the Marine Corps, as well as the Deputy Director for Marine Corps Community Services. While working with MCCS, Jemille drove and supported various programs offering behavioral health support services to Marine’s and their families. As a father of four and a family man, Jemille has also identified a need, sought support, and actively pursues better ways of living surrounding his own mental health. His experience on both sides of the battle has allowed him to have a unique perspective to share from and strive to help others in need.