Tuffy Questell Casting Director at Joule Entertainment
By: Malcolm Boyd and Joseph Swift

Tuffy has been a Casting Director for the better half of 25 years. He has done casting for award winning & critically acclaimed Directors such as Spike Lee, Jim Sheridan, Gary Winick, Gina Prince-Bythewood, Jerry Lamothe, Charles Randolph-Wright and of course Sidney Lumet who referred to Tuffy as his go to guy in the late 90s. With many Feature Films and Independent films under his belt Tuffy has faired well both on & off camera in Television with Episodic series programming as well as children’s programming for Disney and Nickelodeon. He has various relationships in Film, Television and Music that may have prompted his on camera relationship with New Yorks number one TV show for over 30 years Video Music Box. He continues to grow and inspire on both sides of the camera and is a strong addition to the family and staff at Joule Entertainment as well as various entities in advertising.


Tuffy Questell Casting Director speaking with Malcolm Boyd and Joseph Swift