Get ready. On July 23, 2017 Grace will be hosting its 7th Annual Jamaican Jerk Festival at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, NY. The festival will have cribbbean food, reggae, soca music and much much more. So every one come out to this event with your friends and family.

Fashion on the Hudson 2017 Runway show
Provided by: Fashion Avenue News

Fashion on the Hudson was created in 1997 to give Independent and Emerging Fashion Industry talent a platform. There was Fashion Week, 7th on 6th, but no place for the independent who could not afford those prices, therefore, Fashion on the Hudson was born.

It was initially named 7th on 125th when we were on 125th in front of the Harlem State Office Building, but in 2008, our crowd grew too large when we stopped traffic on 125th and the police had to direct traffic around our crowd (the Cops loved it). In 2008, we were told to “You Need Central Park or Madison Square Garden, your Audience is too large for 125th Street), so in 2009 we went to Riverbank State Park, where we have been ever since.