Community Leaders and Activists Mobilize to Honor Jim Galloway

Some of us may have heard the saying “It’s good to give due to those whose dues are due.” One would say that succinctly applies to late Mr. Jim Galloway who passed on few months ago at the height of this covid-19 pandemic, although his death was never related to Covid-19.

What happened Sunday, Dec. 20 at Silver Spoon Diner in the vicinity of LeFrak City was that community leaders, Activists, residents of the apartment complex of about 5000 families partnered and organized Children Holiday Toy Giveaway to kids with Santa in the house of course to continue a tradition that late Mr. Jim Galloway hosted Annually for the children. Every Christmas “Jim” as many calls him made sure he took the kids to radio City Music Hall to watch the Christmas Spectacular.

To celebrate and honor late Mr. Galloways, the following organization Silver Spoon Diner, LeFrak City Tenant Association, LCTA, Foundation for Sustainable Community Development Initiative, Inc FSCDI spearheaded toy giveaway with support of Ms. Debra Hargrove a close friend of Mr. Galloway, Former NYS Senator Hon. Hiram Monserrate, Malika Shabaaz etc.

Dr. George Onuorah, CEO of FSCDI Inc stated “We mobilized resources and manpower to honor one of us, a very dedicated and passionately committed community leader who passed on few months ago, who while he lived worked tirelessly to make the children in LeFrak City and Sherwood Village very happy. While he lived also fought for seniors by holding BBQ with LIVE bank and entertainments.”

This 2020 Children Holiday Toy Giveaway honored Mr. Galloway, was a huge success, many paid tributes and some expressed appreciation for how he helped to lift not just the children up but the entire community.

One participant who wanted to remain anonymous described the event as “LeFrak City and Corona coming together to honor a very nice man” and another resident called it “Strengthening the Unity in our Community.” Surprisingly, the tenor and flavor of the event was refreshingly a happy one, the absence of rancor was probably surprising considering the heterogenous nature of the community and with divergent political views the atmospherics could ignite flames of old political rivalries. The equanimity definitely a good thing.

As we speak Community Board #4 Queens is presently considering a proposal brought by Dr. George Onuorah, a long-time resident and social justice advocate to Co-Name 57th Avenue by LeFrak City in Honor of Mr. Jim Galloway as a way to memorialize and honor his legacy. So Far, the proposal has cleared Transportation Committee of the CB #4.

FSCDI Inc a nonprofit that also hosts Annual Children Toy Giveaway at Queens Public Library at LeFrak City wishes to thank Queens Center Mall who donated bags, T-shirts, cups, mini power banks, and books, and Vicki Schneps CEO of Schneps Media who donated a box of Toys.

New York City Comptroller Hon. Scott Stringer not only donated science fiction toys made brief appearance by Junction Blvd and 57th Avenue in LeFrak City Corona, Queens.