By: Dr. George Onuorah

Every year before the end of summer and time for the kids return to school, the Nigerian Igbo Catholic Mass group at St. Paul’s the Apostle Parish in Corona host an annual picnic at Valley Stream State Park in LI, NY.

This year outdoor picnic had so much excitement and anticipation for the kids, and was not going to be postponed a second time, the original date the picnic was scheduled to hold was Saturday, August 11th, but the weather report had rain and thunderstorm written all over it and resulted in cancellation.

This Saturday, August 18th, rain or shine the kids and their parents were determined to turn their long waited anticipation to good fun family and friend’s outdoor event. There was plenty of food to dine on, Africa and American assorted dishes, juices, snacks and of course good music.

Nigerian Igbo Catholic Mass began in 1995 and has grown to become a huge congregation of faithful parishioners who decided to come together under one umbrella of kindred spirit to celebrate mass in their native Nigerian Igbo dialect, educate their children to speak their mother-tongue and embrace their cultural heritage. Their mass held in native dialect every third Sunday and the worship is conducted by Nigerian priest who follows the Roman Catholic liturgy translated in native Igbo dialect.

The mass starts at 3pm every third Sunday and anyone can attend. The group after the mass ends will go into the auditorium for entertainment. Besides entertainment, that socialization period is carved out for the kids to interact with each other, also time to educate the kids about their culture and catechism.


PEACE UNITY LOVE has been the glue that held Nigerian Igbo Catholic Mass group since 1995.