Written By: Nova

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Welcome to Carnival Season in NYC! Teeny frontline costumes adorned with bright feathers and bedazzled headpieces strut down Eastern Parkway every labor day to the sounds of sweet soca! All aboard! Are you ready? Is your waistline snatched? Despite hot jerk chicken coming from uncle fishnet shirt and Jesus sandals cheffing on a drum grill and the late-night paring with pours of rum punch, there is a way to maintain your summertime fine!

Luckily for carnival-laggers, VP Records has partnered with Brooklyn based fitness organization FITBK™/FITQB to launch Soca Gold Fitness 2019, with the upcoming release of Soca Gold 2019 on Friday, June 21st. FITBK™ is an NYC based health and fitness initiative inspired by international and Caribbean music. Their mission is to create a sense of pride and hope within communities of color who are impacted by the rising racial health disparities such as high rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stress, lack of exercise and poor nutrition.

For those who despise working out, FitBK is your one-stop-shop. You will be in soca land pelting waist to tracks from Soca Gold 2019, so looking like a sweet sweet woman will be easy this carnival season.

For those who have never been to a work out class, I’m sure you’re wondering what to expect. So in good famalay spirit, I created a quick 5 step guide for you:


  1. Make sure you get lot’s of rest prior to going to class!  Once you come inside there will be no time to brace up. It’s non-stop pace!
  2. Water blessings are exactly what you’ll be asking for ten minutes into the class. Lot’s of “wukkin’ up” and whining down to di ground.
  3. Make sure to bring your rag! Wipe the sweat and hail your tribe for an ultimate rag storm workout!
  4. Don’t mind yuh funky business. If your partner cyah function anymore, support them, hype them. No masquerader shall be left behind, we are a feting family!
  5. Since the bacchanal is in full effect with wine after wine, you will be shredding pound after pound.

If you want to take the fete home, Soca Gold 2019 will be available to purchase on all streaming platforms Friday, June 21st, 2019 with all of the hottest soca tracks. Also featured on Soca Gold 2019 is DJ Spice’s mix from Team Soca. However, the fete doesn’t end there, FITBK™ will be hosting multiple themed events as part of their Coney Island Soca Explosion (held on consecutive Saturdays in July and August) beginning July 27th!

In addition to classes in Brooklyn, FITBK™ will be hosting classes in Queens, NY as well! In fact, VP Records and FITBK™ will be having continuous classes for the rest of the year (see the calendar below). By the time you’re finished with FITBK™ sessions you will be healthy, carnival ready, and your waist will be ready for action. Now it’s time to book your flight, fit in that Ultra Frontline costume and be great! #Issasnack!!



Month Highlighted Dates Event/Activity Details
June 2019 6/1/19








  1. 6/1/19: Taste of Jerk / Soca Gold Fitness 2019 launch at VP Records
  2. 6/3 – 6/24: FITBK Move-It Monday at TOP Civic Center
  3. 6/2/19: 90-Day Spring Challenge begins
  4. 6/2/19: Flatbush BID Street Fair (TBD)
  5. 6/22/19: Rugged Maniac at Brooklyn Aviator Field
  6. 6/24/19: FITBK PRIDEPUMP at Chelsea Piers Fitness
  7. 6/26/18: HCC Client Meeting – #WednesdayWarrior Fitness Class – 12PM
July 2019 7/1/19








  1. 7/1 – 7/8: FITBK Move-It Monday at TOP Civic Center
  2. 7/11, 7/18, 7/25: FITQB Zumba Under the Stars
  3. 7/21/19: FITBK at Jerk Festival 2019
  4. 7/26/19: FITBK Soca Explosion on the Boardwalk Friday Summer Series at Coney Island
  5. 7/27/19: Flatlands Food and Fitness Festival
August 2019 8/1/19









  1. 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29: FITQB Zumba Under the Stars
  2. 8/2, 8/9, 8/23: FITBK Soca Explosion on the Boardwalk Friday Summer Series at Coney Island
  3. 8/25/19: 90-Day Spring Challenge Ends
  4. FITQB – National Night Out Against Crime (TBD)
  5. FITQB SWEAT on the Beach at Dread Surfer Grill (TBD)
  6. FITQB Zumba Under the Stars
September 2019 9/2/19


  1. 9/2/19: FITBK/Soca Gold Fitness at Labor Day Parade
  2. 9/30/19: 90-Day Fall Challenge Begins
  3. National Childhood Obesity Month Social Media Campaign
October 2019 10/24/19
  1. 10/24/19: Domestic Violence/Breast Cancer Awareness Gala at TOP Civic Center
  2. Domestic Violence Awareness Masterclass feat. Soca and Dancehall Recording Artist Denise Belfon (TBD)
November 2019 Diabetes Community Forum in partnership with Merck Pharmaceuticals Diabetes Campaign (TBD)
December 2019 12/2/19




  1. 12/2/19: FITBK #REDFETE (for World AIDS Day)
  2. 12/3/19: Giving Tuesday
  3. 12/15/19: 90-Day Fall Challenge Ends
  4. 12/16/19: FITBK Hiatus begins; ends 1/6/20