On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, Our World Media magazine Pauline Swift interviewed Hiram Monserrate, who is contesting in the Democratic Primary to replace Julissa Ferreras present for the New York City Council seat in the 21st district currently occupied by Ms. Julissa Ferreras. The candidate Hiram Monserrate not exactly new or novice to politics in New York State. He once represented Jackson Heights,Corona, East Elmhurst, Elmhurst and Woodside in the NYC Council before ascending to senate replacing John Sabini.

This story is an important one for many reasons. First, after a brief interregum, a once admired and liked political figure emerges to re-assert his
presence on the local political terrain with good chance of becoming next to represent Corona, East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights and LeFrak City that he once represented before misdemeanor conviction. Having paid his dues, he is back to assert himself to help right the wrongs and perhaps reclaim his mandate. So his popularity evidenced by the intense support he is getting from people in the district can only embolden any candidate hungry for victory.

Mr. Monerrate a former Marine and New York Police Officer will contest against Assembly member Francisco Moya, this City Council seat which is soon to be vacated by Ms. Julissa Ferreras who has announced she will not seek another term, shocked many especially when it appeared she was in a better place to secure the speaker position in the New York City Council come January.

Mr. Monserrate last attempt at political comeback resulted in losing to present Democratic district leader George Dixon who bested him by a mere 57 votes. With his present enthusiasm and the encouragement from people living in the 21st district, any politician must be encouraged.

Hiram understands local politics. He has energy, political gravitas and continues to seek to empower his community. If elected to lead this time around, he has vowed to help the poor, marginalized and the youth. During this interviewed, he vowed to help build a Multi-purpose Recreation Center in LeFrak City for the young ones and will fight for the seniors in the district. He wants to help bring 100 percent affordable housing to Willets Point and opposes any other ill-conceived re-development plan that gives away public land for almost nothing.

If Mr. Monserrate wins the upcoming election in the 21st Council seat in New York City that will be “A Hell of a Come Back”.