November 9, 2017, Queens, NY — Seven-time Grammy winner Gladys Knight gave an unforgettable performance at the Kupferberg Center in Flushing Queens this past Thursday. This is the second time the singer performed at the venue. After such an outstanding performance the first time, it left many New York fans longing for her return.

Knight has been in the music and entertainment industry for seven decades, and at 73 years young the singer hasn’t missed a beat. The crowd was in amazement and awe as the “Empress of Soul” took the stage. Knight, looked amazing with her eye-catching outfit floating across the stage with such elegance and class; like a fine wine, the singer just gets better with age. The “Empress of Soul” captivated the audience with her mesmerizing voice as she sang songs from her very extensive catalog of classics. In between tunes, Ms. Knight engaged the audience by telling funny stories about her life and band.

Our world Media was honored to be in attendance for this phenomenal performance. If you had the misfortune of missing this event, you can check out photos and clips from this event below. For a listing of upcoming concert dates, shows, and new music check out