Smashing Success!!!
NYIT’s Teacher Education Department and the UNESCO Center for Global Education
organized the 2018 Third Annual Education Solutions International Conference in New York
City, which took place from April 19 to 21. The conference brought together stakeholders,
educators, researchers, students, and youths to formulate educational strategies to accomplish
UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4: ensure inclusive and equitable education and
promote lifelong learning for all.
Approximately 300 representatives from 20 countries (Nigeria, Mexico, China, Uganda,
Bangladesh, India, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Britain, Taiwan, Nepal, U.S.A, Russia, Guyana, South
Africa, Canada, Belgium, Philippines, South Korea, Equatorial Guinea) participated in the
conference. In three days of deliberations, attendees heard many different perspectives and
approaches on reforming education and overcoming barriers to education. The conference was a
great success.
In remarks to participants at the conference, Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu, Chair of the NYIT Teacher
Education Department and Conference Co-Chair, stressed the importance of “A Global Lens to
Teacher Preparation: Shared Knowledge and Advocacy in Using ICT to Ensure Inclusive and
Equitable Quality Education and Promote Lifelong Learning.” NYIT education faculty (Dr.
Robert Feirsen, Dr. Shiang-Kwei Wang, Dr. Melda Yildiz, Dr. Minaz Fazal) led discussions on
bringing SDG-4 and its targets to classrooms and local communities with a focus on means of
implementation for UNESCO Outcome 4.c, “Teachers and educators.” The education faculty
presented evidence-based transformative education strategies in teacher training and exchanged
viewpoints with participants. Strategies addressed topics including design thinking, critical
thinking, school leadership support, personalized learning, student-generated questioning
approach, culturally responsive pedagogy, and technology platforms. NYIT graduate research
assistant, Kazi Tarana, and Tareque Mehdi, Ph.D. Fellow at George Manson University in
International Education, delivered a speech reporting on the enormous progress in Bangladesh in
achieving the targets of SDG-4.
Michelle Hsu, Youth Program Chair and Sophomore at Locust Valley High School, led a mini-
Model UN activity in which both attendees and speakers participated. Ms. Hsu says, “Youths are
a crucial force of society in any age. With their initiative and creativity, they can bring about
great changes in the world. Youths can reach their peers, their families, their communities, and
even beyond, and they can spread messages and raise support for their causes. The young
generation can and should use this power to spark real change. The global goal of ‘equal
education for all’ can be achieved with the help of youths. Youths can organize and use their
collective voice to reach wide and influential audiences.” The conference concluded with an
awards gala. NYIT’s Teacher Education Department received an Education Solutions
Stakeholders Partnership Award.
NYIT’s Department of Teacher Education has always remained at the forefront of innovation in
education solutions and been dedicated to bringing new perspectives and approaches to improve
education. Partnering with the UNESCO Center for Global Education to co-organize this year’s
conference reflects the department’s commitment to providing opportunities for youths, students,
educators, researchers, and stakeholders to spark new thinking, new dialogues, and new action to
promote educational, socio-cultural, and human values of the highest quality. The Department of
Teacher Education at NYIT is proud to play a crucial role in developing innovative research
ideas and sharing applications to benefit the global community and society.
Dr. Hui-Yin Hsu would like to thank all the keynotes, sponsors, conference attendees, and
volunteers. She reminds everyone of Helen Keller’s words, “Alone we can do so little, together
we can do so much.” Here is the link to the program:
Here’s the link to the youth keynote: