THE RIGHT DIRECTION was originally organized over 40 years ago, and has performed at a multitude of venues over the years. At that time, THE RIGHT DIRECTION was an all-male group. In 2014, Miss Adele Lee was asked to “come aboard” as its first female member and, coincidentally, as she had recently parted ways with her own vocal group, she was happy to become a new member of The Right Direction.

We are a group of spiritually-grounded vocalists with gifted voices. Our musical ability and dedication sets us apart from other groups because as we aim for excellence, we have always strived to capture the hearts, minds, and souls of our audiences. We will continue to carry the legacy of “old school harmony” with “new school flavor” because it is our way of showing people that a man’s gift will make room for him and bring him or her into the presence of great men and women of our time.
Group members consist of: Jerry Lind, Burt McClerklin, Melvin Shepherd & Adele (“Missy”) Lee.