Last night’s premiere episode of BET’s newest reality series HUSTLE IN BROOKLYN gave viewers a look into the lives of some of Brooklyn’s movers and shakers. The show has the perfect balance of personal and career ups and downs.

We’re introduced to Ivy, an on-the-rise career girl at eOne Music, finding her footing in the industry. Alicia is the PR maven collaborating with Ivy to help take Ron Walker a.k.a. Baggy Large and his music career to the next level. Ivy extends herself by inviting them both to a party she is hosting for her eOne artist, but Alicia goes over Ivy’s head to her boss, counteracting their original plan.

Azia is the up and coming singer/rapper working with her father and legendary producer, Faraoh Black, to create her next hit. She links up with Santos, the brand manager and connector, who has worked with celebs like Ne-Yo and Kevin Hart, to see how they can elevate her brand. Santos brings longtime friend and business partner Darnell into the equation as a potential producer for Azia. Darnell has worked with RocNation, Mase, Lil Kim and more. However, he and Azia already know each other through a mutual friend, Danielle. Danielle is the social media star that Darnell has been seeing, despite having recently proposed to his girlfriend and child’s mother. In the final scene of the first episode Danielle confronts Darnell at the anniversary party for his company and things escalate quickly!