Yesterday, the NYS Majority voted on Womens “Rights” that included the passage of Sexual Harassment, Civil Rights and Equal Pay laws. However that was in Albany but unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if the leadership has bothered to check their landscapes to make sure their own backyards are clean.

I happen to know of a certain Chair that voted to pass equal pay legislation but neglected to give his ranking staffer a raise for 2 1/2 years when SHE was performing duties that otherwise would command a 25 percent higher salary in a similar office. Furthermore when the ranking staffer asked for a cost of living increase of 1.5 percent, which is standard once a year by employers, it was denied.

The same ”Chair” later hired a disgraced, inept, known violator of womens rights for which HE had been terminated and gave him a salary that matched his ego- too much. This new hire lacks integrity which is now clear that birds of a feather..

The salary rolls of every woman employed in that office does not exceed her male counterpart. For any legislative Director the team Counsel makes considerably less. For the Economic Development side, the work is only worth or exactly the same as a newly hired Office Manager.

The new hire felt threatened by the ranker and began to harass and berate the woman And when SHE reported him, he lied- a clear retaliation but the Senate turned a blind eye, leading the woman to resign.

So before all Ye rejoice with our NYS Senators with this ME TOO friendly gesture, please ask them if they have employed the same in their own backyards or have our rights been—cancelled!

By Casper