T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. Several boys attempt to live up to this code but Question for you young boys is do you think if 2Pac was alive he’d be happy with the representation of how you are going about handling his movement? 2Pac was talking about fighting oppression and oppressors not being uneducated, deadbeat, abusive men who attempt to live off of and steal a woman’s joy. He wouldn’t be happy with the amount of women raising children on their own or the hurt number of women and children being left by those who pretended to love her and co-habituated with the woman knowing full well he would not be there to support or raise his child.

2Pac would be appalled at all of the crying mother’s who attempt to keep their children protected, loved and on the straight and narrow only to be hurt, disrespected and some timed abused by the very child they carried for 9 months taking lonely trips to visit an incarcerated child in jail knowing full well this wasn’t or is the life she had intended for her child.

You see 2 Pac was a movement that grew up after his mother had been jailed and he saw the plight of his
people so he used music to educate our young men and women not to produce a world full of imposters who know not what a thug Is or what THUG LIFE represented .I say to you educate yourselves elevate your mind and understand that the act you are hell bent on portraying isn’t who you really are nor what the world or our culture needs as a representation of what an African American king is supposed to look like or represent, wise up and rise above the darkness and attempt to illuminate as only you truly can


Michael Anthony Andrews aka The Man of Steel