Michael speaks:

The way I see it, the value of courting has clearly been lost. Today’s love/hate relationships are by-products of the countless ‘hook-ups and one-night stands; today’s young adults simply aren’t interested in getting to know the mind and the heart of a potential partner. They are more focused on what clothing label is being worn or, even sadder, what possessions and ‘bling’ can be collected from the other person. Gone are the days of true esteem and honor.

A huge part of today’s failures are due to do-nothing parents who bring children into the world, then leave the duties of raising them on their families, or even worse, the state. We, the people, need to re-train our minds and re-focus our values; we need to reach back and bring the moral concept of yesterday’s family structure into today’s young adults.

Our future generation will have a real chance on actually seeing and absorbing what real courtship, love and relationships entail – beginning with a solid and respectful moral structure: people actually getting to know one another.

Then comes a word that most lovers often eliminate once they are ‘established’.

And that word…is ‘friendship.’ A true love, great love, and moral love is built upon that very word.

“Friendship”: it ultimately can and will lead our future generations, if we exhibit it correctly, right now. It can mean a more stable and lasting love, not only in family structure, but in intimate relationships and ultimately, marriage.