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2017 Armory Track Invitational recap

On Saturday February 4, 2017 we got to see some outstanding completion on the track. New Balance Armory Track & Field Center in Washington Heights was home to the Armory Track Invitational one of the Armory’s most prestigious meets. Under one roof, the meet featured a combination of US Olympians, international pros, the collegians, and some of the nations best high schoolers.

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As a sports reporter and true fan of football, I’m almost ashamed to admit that, up until recently, I have totally been in the dark about the IWFL. Now I’m willing to bet there are quite a few of us out there who are right now trying to figure out what the acronym stands for.

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WIM 6th Annual Conference photos

WIM 6th Annual Conference Photos

WIM 6th Annual Conference-Limitless Beyond The Glass Ceiling

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